Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gamer chic wedding

So as stated in the last blog I am now a Mrs. I now fall into a new tax bracket, have a new last name and will now be the prime suspect should anything happen to the Mr, because I don't have a maid to pin it on.

We met seven years ago through my father's D&D group and since that's how we met we figured that's what the 'theme' of the wedding should be. (I really wanna know who thought weddings needed a theme? Wasn't it enough that you were spending a shit ton of money on booze to make people get up and do the Chicken Dance?) So with that in mind we set out to create the nerdiest wedding possible.

Step One-Screw flower centerpieces

Everyone does flowers and they cost you almost more than the bar tab. However instead of a hangover you just have lots of dead flowers the next day that you either pitch or give to an old folks home. *Classy*

What we ended up doing was finding small wooden treasure boxes. My husband and father in law stained and painted them and we filled them chocolate coins, little Hershey treasures and sugar candy that looked like gems. So if they wanted to snack after the dinner and cake they still had some chocolate at the table. Plus people could take the box home and have something sort of useful unlike dozens of dying red roses. We put the chest on top of some Gaming paper that is normally used for doing in game battles. If anyone had wanted to run a game at there table all they needed was the minis because we also provided the dice and the pencils.

Step Two-Oh you gave us matches so I can burn this hell hole down.

Being gamers we knew the standard favors weren't going to wow anyone. (Oh boy you got us a heart shaped cork screw that will break the second time I use it) So we decided to get 6 sided dice with our names and the date of our reception along with the pencils that could be used after the wedding for our gamer friends. Even our non-gamer friends liked our pencil favors and they thought the dice favors really cool.

Step Three-Entertainment is key.

Gamers don't dance...well maybe after the bar is almost finished you may get them to do YMCA but it really just looks like a someone having a seizure on the dance floor. So with that in mind we had a game table set up off to the side so if people wanted to play board games we had them handy.

We also got some serious nerd music played. We needed a song for the garter toss and original my husband wanted this song from Star Trek.

However the DJ called me two days before the wedding and told me he couldn't find it anywhere...so what else could replace this...

Yes...yes I played Star Wars music at my wedding, people had to catch the garter to Duel of Fates. Other than playing Weird Al's-White and Nerdy I don't what else I could have done. Well wait I could have bought those light sabers and had people actually duel for the garter. But than I would of had to cut back on the bar and that wasn't happening.

Here are the sites were we got some of our wedding stuff

These guys had the candy gems and they are FTW

We got the pencils here.

A true gamer would know to get dice here.

Instead of a normal guest book we had our guest pass this a journal from table to table so they could also write messages.

I can't remember exactly where we got the boxes from but these guys seem to offer a similar design.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mishaps always give you the best stories

It's Sunday night. My better half is downstairs playing Call of Duty-Modern Warfare 2, the cat is trying to find somewhere to sleep for the next 18 hours and I'm up here in my cozy sweater listening to Glee music.

Did I mention we've been married for over 48 hours now.

*Huge happy smile here complete with girly squeals*

On Friday September 24th 2010, myself, my better half, my parents, his parents and his older sister went to our local court house and decided to make seven years of gaming together a life long quest (and legal for tax purposes, health insurance and ownership of the house...retarded laws). At 4:30 p.m we promised to love, honor and cherish each other for better or worst, sickness and health, richer or poorer, till one of us runs out of hit points.

And I couldn't get his ring on. He had leftover Chinese for lunch and I couldn't get his ring on. We both laughed about it and I started giggling again when his mom dropped her camera batteries. I also came close to laughing during the vows because of comedian Nick Griffin. His bit about marriage came into my head when the clerk was asking me to take him in sickness and health and for richer or poorer.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! How sick and poor is this lady gonna get? Is she gonna be charging stuff and barfing!" Nick Griffin-Einstein and Love. When we were heading out to dinner I told him about almost laughing during vows because of that and he finished the punchline for me and started laughing.

We had a very nice wedding over the course of two days, however it was filled with all sorts of mishaps. The perfect wedding is I believe what Frank McCourt said about happy childhoods not worth your while. See mishaps like unhappy childhoods give you the best stories to tell. Everyone will talk about what happened for years because it was memorable. However, you want it to be memorable for the right reasons. You want people to remember that the DJ messed up your first dance. (Like he did with us last night). What you don't want them to remember is you throwing a hissy fit on the dance floor recreating Eric Cartman's swear rant. (I didn't do that...I was worried that he was pulling out our Rick Roll too soon when the song skipped) And the songs skipped for the rest of the night even after the Rick Roll.

The past couple of months leading up to the wedding have been memorable for all sorts of reasons, some very good and some very bad. While planning this a person who I considered a dear friend and helped any time she needed it turned into a complete and total bitch and decided that ten years of friendship was not worth a damn thing and refused to come to my wedding. On the other hand I've forged new friendships with some of the coolest ladies I will ever have the pleasure of meeting. We've gained a new family...some of them we wish we could shoo out but I guess we have to keep them since we didn't get a gift receipt to take them back to Families R Us.

And throughout all the mishaps big and small, I got my husband and he is always the best part of all my stories!