Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rick Santorum owes me dinner.

Rick Santorum seems very interested in getting into my pants and I really don't know why. We've never met, never spoken and I'm sure if we have anything in common. However he seems very interested in telling me what I can and can't do with my lady parts. Actually he and almost ever government official lately seems to be trying to get into the pants of every woman I have known now that I think about it. Say what you will about Clinton at least he was honest about wanting into your knickers. ^-^

Seriously, I'm not dating the government, we're not married and you are not my doctor so why are so focused on what me and my vagina are doing over here? It's really none of your concern what I do with my snatch. Stop talking about it and trying to make choices for it based on what you feel is right based off of your religious beliefs. That goes for both sides of the government.

Now for the record I really don't know what religious group I belong too. I can't remember the last time I was in church, however I do believe in trying to be nice to all those who cross my path and in general just trying to be a good human being who pays taxes and looks forward to the zombie uprising. So, with that out of the way do I agree with Obama trying to make religious/church owned companies give there employees access to free birth control? Well yes and no.

Everyone should have access to birth control if that's what they want. Plus birth control also helps those who have issues with their cycle, I was placed on birth control when I was 16 to help regulate my cycles since I was having two a month plus being seriously ill on top of it and missing almost a week of school at a time. That being said I never felt it gave me right to go off and start sleeping around which still seems to be a very common myth regarding The Pill. I'm now 26, married and still on The Pill for family planning reasons. So BC has it's good points and shouldn't be looked at in such a horrible light.

Should it be free-No. If I have to pay 80 dollars in co-pay for three months of no baby having so should everybody else. Someone is going to end up paying for this, be it in taxes or higher health care costs. But it should be offered just like anything other medication on the market. The Catholic organizations are saying this goes against their teachings, yet 98% of women who are Catholic admit to using a method of birth control. Plus I would like to think that not everyone who works at a Catholic organization is Catholic so maybe they would like a little birth control coverage.

On the flip side you have Rick Santorum and the other side telling me that I'm really a terrible human being for using birth control and that other than baby making I shouldn't be having sex with my husband. (I told my husband this and he just looked at me like I grew two heads and said 'That's dumb' and went back to playing World of Tanks)I'm very troubled by this seriously backwards view of family planning and sex. We don't plan on having children and we got married, if this is the case should we not have gotten married? We wouldn't have gotten the tax breaks or perks that come with being married, yet according to this yahoo something is wrong with us.

I also have issues with his views on genetic testing, rape and abortion. I agree that genetic testing shouldn't be free. (Another issue with Obama care) However, I work in the billing side of health care. Genetic testing runs in the thousands of dollars and lots of companies don't cover these charges saying that are 'experimental and non covered'. I don't think it should be free: once again someone will pay for these test be it in taxes or higher health care costs, but it should be offered and covered to a certain percentage. Genetic testing is either ordered by the doctor when he feels the patient needs it or the patient requests the testing.

Santorum stated that genetic testing leads to more abortions and that we're slowly getting rid the physical and mentally handicapped. This is really none of his damn business. This is between the parents, their doctor and whatever deity they believe in. Going back to the insurance companies a lot of them are really shitty about coverage for children with disabilities. So the parents not only have a serious emotional burden to cope with, but a financial burden to cope with that they may not get the support they need on either front. Plus there is a quality of life issue, if a parent feels that a child might not have a good quality of life isn't it selfish on your part of make them have this child? I am aware that Mr. Santorum and others have children with special needs, however they are financial able and have the support needed to care for these children. What about those who don't and feel that terminating the pregnancy is the best option they have?

Santorum also stated that abortion in the case of rape is still wrong. He stated that "Life is life even if it comes to us in a 'broken way.'" This man clearly has never met or known someone who was the victim of a sex crime. So if a woman is raped, becomes pregnant and has the child is her rapist going to pay child support to this woman who now has his baby? Does he get visitation rights? Are you going to pay for the counseling that this mother and child will both need for the rest of their lives? Really...just really. We seem to be very Pro-fetus in this country. I use Pro-fetus because that is what it is, it is a fetus and the government is all about doing what is best for it. However, once it leaves your body they really don't care if you can afford it, care for it, give it a good life, good education, ect.

Don't get me started on the hearing on reproductive rights that didn't have a single vagina in the room. It just makes my head hurt that guys old enough to be my grandfather seem to know what is best for business.

I'm really curious about why there is suddenly all this attention on what I and my fellow ladies do with their business. Don't we have a war going on, a debt that my great-great-great-great nieces and nephews will be paying off until the world ends, lots of people out of a job and a list of issues that goes on and on of issues that needed to be fixed before you try to get into my pants?

I would like a nice dinner before the government tries to screw me over any more on my rights. Any other ladies want a steak dinner?

*normally not into politics here, but really...really look at the news ladies*