Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Entainment

I'm a terrible person.

An awful human being.

Last night while passing out candy...I gave children the lesser chocolate candy because I wanted the Reese Pumpkins to myself. I should be ashamed of myself and visited by the ghosts of Halloween's past to learn a lesson of giving to children.

*eats a chocolate, peanut butter filled pumpkin of goodness and light*

Oh screw them they got plenty of good candy these are mine!!!!!!!

While I devour peanut butter goodness I thought I would share a few new geek things that made Halloween this year more enjoyable.

Watch this

Going to Pieces-The Rise and Fall of the Slasher film.

Yes it's a's a documentary about horror movies. It starts with the classics like Psycho and goes all the way to Hostel. It explains how the big three why have today (Freddy, Jason and Michael) got started and all the other ones that followed. It also goes into the criticisms of causing violence and misogynist behavior despite the female being the last one standing. It has some great interviews from almost everyone in the horror business from Wes Carven, Greg Nicotero and even Mrs. Voorhees herself-Betsy Palmer

Dead Snow

A group of Norwegian medical students on Easter vacation head up to the mountains for the normal activities that lead to death in these in movies and meet death in the form of Nazi Zombies. They are the fast and smart zombie type which is not good for our heroes, but it's fun to see how awesome the death scenes are for both med student and zombie alike.

The movie is on Instant Netflix, rated MA and is subtitled however is it really hard to understand that blond girl A just got her head taken off by the zombie officer?

Read it

Hollywood Monster-A Walk Down Elm Street with the Man of Your Dreams-By Robert Englund.

In the first ten pages Robert Englund admits the only reason he got into acting was so he could pick up chicks. I don't think he foresaw that he would be the guy most girls (myself included) were scared to death of and would make our parents leave the light on and check under the bed for.

Hollywood Monster is the tale of how the monster Freddy Krueger came to be by the man who played him from the start and all the roles and people he had the joy of shaping along the way. (Johnny Deep might have been in a band and Luke Skywalker might have been someone else if not for Freddy).

Seriously this is a great read and if you don't laugh at some of the pranks played while Robert was in his Freddy costume you have no sense of humor and my pity.

How to Survive a Horror Movie: All the Skills to Dodge the Kills

Think of this as the ultimate survival guide or just a refresher in common sense. Like how to not get killed while at summer camp or how to stop evil dolls and killer cars. It even has pictures and bullet points for people who want to live till the end but find reading a distraction while babysitting.

Listen up

We're Alive-A "Zombie" Story of Survival

I found this podcast while messing around on I-tunes looking for Halloween goodness. We're Alive is a told in the fashion of an old school radio drama that your grandparents used to listen to, but it's a survival horror drama.

Our story starts in L.A. with a group of reserve soldiers being called into to control some riots. The three who make it to the base: Michael, Angel, and Saul see what is really happening (damn zombies) and work quickly to find survivors and a secure location. It sort of follows the same line as The Walking Dead, of what happens after the zombie outbreak and how to survive and what to survive for. But since you're hearing it and not seeing it the story does a good job of creating characters you really feel for and the environment they have around them.

It is currently one it's second season, but I was able to download all the first season and listen to it in about three days. Each episode is about 13 to 30 minutes long with an update either every week or every two weeks.

So even though the scares are over it doesn't mean you still can't hear them.

*mmmmm chocolate sad that you will soon be gone*

We're Alive website

Seriously...a really good book

I actually got this as a gift for the lady who did my hair for my wedding and she loves it.

Dead Snow...Nazi Zombies

Going to Pieces-Not the best trailer but it gives you an overview

Happy All Saint's Day